Urban Farm Project

Families and community members come together at our beautiful Healthy Living Farm to learn, grow, harvest, and eat. Located in Santa Monica, this productive urban farm plays a vital role in reducing food insecurity in the homeless community, encourages community partnership, and acts as an effective tool as we teach our families practical skills for healthy living. The following are some key components of our urban farm program:

  • Healthy Living: The farm program is designed to promote healthy eating habits and a healthy lifestyle by teaching families to grow & prepare their own food.
  • Life Skills: Gardening, farming, shopping and cooking are integrated into the Life Skills classes offered to the parents in our program, and also as an enrichment activity in our children’s programs.
  • Community Engagement: We welcome residents, as well as volunteers from local schools and businesses, to grow, maintain and harvest the farm alongside families in our programs.

For any further questions about the farm or information about arranging a farm tour or a volunteer day, please contact our Farm Coordinator at farm@upwardboundhouse.org.