Pictures of Hope


Pictures of Hope cards are being sold in boxes containing 15 unique cards with photographs taken by the children in our programs. Your support means that we are able to provide homeless children and their families with the resources and assistance that they need to thrive.

$25.00/box set

(15 unique cards per set)


With increasing numbers of families facing homelessness in cities across the U.S., millions of children are forced to live in unstable and insecure situations. 1 in every 30 children living in the U.S. is homeless.

This year Upward Bound House partnered with Pictures of Hope and Skinnytees to help our children realize their dreams through photography. Pictures of Hope is a non-profit organization with the mission to change the lives of homeless children, by allowing them to express their innermost hopes and letting them know that they are not forgotten.

Pictures of Hope founder, Linda Solomon presented a photo tutorial for the children at UBH’s shelters. The children were gifted cameras donated by Walgreens and given their first photo assignments as young photographers – to capture an image that expresses their hopes and dreams.

Each child has a Picture of Hope card showcasing one of their photographs. These very special cards are now available for purchase. Thanks to Skinnytees, 100% of the proceeds will go directly to Upward Bound House to help us build bright futures for these young stars.