Recognizing Kroger Grocer’s

POSTED: July 31, 2020 under Blog


Recently, Kroger Grocery Stores donated $250 in gift cards to be distributed to families in South LA residential programs at Upward Bound House so they can purchase food or some dresses for the holidays. Their donation not only gave these families food to eat, but made  their holidays’ more meaningful as they got to celebrate together with a meal. We stand by Kroger’s plans to become a Zero Waste company and are appreciative to be granted such an important donation. Their generosity will always be remembered as we look forward to feeding more families experiencing homelessness across Los Angeles County.


Kroger is a corporation that owns a chain of grocery stores like Ralph’s, Food 4 Less, and others that are popular throughout the United States. Their foundation is actively trying to reduce waste in their community and has been working on the project “Zero Hunger Zero Waste”. Kroger is becoming resourceful in all aspects by donating not just food, but well balanced meals. As they strive to be a Zero Waste Company by 2025, they are deeply motivated to join forces with other partners including Feeding America, to inspire others to be more aware of the immense hunger issues in the United States.